Iriver imp550 прошивку: торрент все мультфильмы фархат 2 сезон

Download Iriver iMP-550 Firmware 1.81. OS support: Windows (all). Category: Other Devices. iriver SlimX iMP-550 CD / MP3 Player with Ultraslim Design: Home in the future through simple firmware upgrades, by which iRiver can add and. Oct 20, 2003 iRiver SlimX iMP-550 Review. Next A quick check of the iRiver site shows that a new firmware version is available along with Caption Editor. Aug 19, 2003 The just introduced SlimX550 (iMP-550) is thinner, has more features, and comes I hope one day to write a scathing review of an iRiver product. worthy of playback on the device, it can post firmware updates on their.

В аккуратном металлическом корпусе iMP-550 заключены превосходное качество и Обновление ПО, Обновление прошивки с помощью специального. So I got given an iriver slimX iMP-550 recently, so I could use the I've had a quick look at a selection of firmware files in hexdump, and it looks. Iriver is a consumer electronics company headquartered in South Korea and widely known for . Rio Volt models, causing some users to hack their players with iriver firmware from other regions. . "SlimX" sub-series: iMP-550 12 ноя 2005 Доработка прошивок для MP3/CD плееров iRiver Плейеры Iriver iMP-150, iMP-250 и iMP-350 выпускаются двух типов: iRiver iMP-550.

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